Out with Sssssshirley! Shirdel!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Char: Thanks dear! (:

Anon: CRO at a Spa place!

Hi: Hahahs, i might be bringing it in
for my blogshop in the future!

Sheila: Hmm, isn't there a paypal pop-up?
I really dunno why leh, did you look thru the FAQ?

Elina: Hahahas, Samsung NV4

Charlotte: Yup, heard before but never tried it!
Cos i'm not supeeeeer into mineral foundations,

Passerby: hahahas, i told Keida from Clover that
i want hot cherry red and he gave me HOT CHERRY RED! :D
But my current hair colour is like, super faded already,
but still reddish and i love it!

Debsss: Hahahas, is it! Thanks babe,

i'm using the mascara from Ettusais.

Min: End of june!

Mikki: Sorry no idea! You gotta call them!

Thanks sweeeeetie! (:

Lol, any ettusais counters?
There's one at wisma isetan.

Hahahas, whoa, hills on your nose!
Or bumps! Hills sounds super serious.
Hmm, maybe their just whiteheads?
Have you tried squeezing it out?

Hahahas, yeah!
I love it that it absorbs so quickly as well!

I knoooow, it's been so long since i met you!
Boohoo, i miss yooooooou~~

I miss you toooo babe!

Shufen: lol, we both have horrible boyfs!!

hahahas, i told Keida from Clover that
i want hot cherry red and he gave me HOT CHERRY RED! :D
But my current hair colour is like, super faded already,
but still reddish and i love it!

Reader: No problem sweetie! (:
hopefully there's another miumiu event sooooon!

Mel: Lol, use a good eye base,
and if you have oily lids, don't use pencil liner,
for me i can't use pencil liner cos def will smudge,
use gel liner, never smudge on me before!
Even if i go swimming also won't come off! Lol.

Cindy: Lol, i guess it's different for individuals?
Cos i have oily skin as well, and it works okay
for me as well as some of my readers~

Shuqi: Hi dear! For more coverage and oil control
you should get Sheer Matte powder!

Went out with my BFF, Shirley yesterday!
I haven't met her in the looooongest time!
Infact, i haven't been meeting my friends ever since
i started working cos off days are always with boyf!

I accompanied her to Nuffnang office to collect her
$300 worth of Nike loots that she won in a nuffnang nike contest!
Lol, my bff is full of funny and crazy ideas!


Then we went to vivocity and had dinner at Marche!
Wanted to have indian food near nuffnang's office but it was clooooosed!
Pouts, i really wanna eat indian fooooood jeeeeeeessssssss~~~


The marche in vivo is soooo cute!
There was this vintage-y cable car, and i wanted to sit in it,
But shirley goh said i'm out of my minnnnnnnnd~




Foodie foodie foooooooodie~
Rosti! I remember when i was in primary school
we use to eat in Marche all the time and i'd always order rosti!


aAfter dinner we went shoooooopping!
But i didnt even found anything i like, boohoo.
so boring! shall leave all the shopping to taiwan!
25 days to taaaaaaaaaiwan!

Yaaaaaay, 7 days always from work. Must be absolute heaven.



Lol, shirley bought this super cute dino wallet
when she was on vacation in bangkok last week!

And i'm opening a blogshop with shirley!
Lol, and we were brainstorming for a blogshop name,
and i never knew it was sooooo hard!
Lol, no wonder there's so many kuku names around.

She's really full of crappy ideas,
(theluckiestchick + thsweetheart)
Lol, super wtf right, but i actually like CHICKEN HEART!

Imagine people talking about our blogshop they'll be like,
OMG today i bought this super goooorgeous dress

Okay, drop me comments which name do you like the most:

(lol, just kidding, shirley would kill me
if i really die die wanna use C.H luh!)


Lol, and this is Fioooooona, one of my friends from class!
It's really funny how we met and i'm still embarassed by it!
It was like 1st day in class and i didnt know anyone,
and then this girl walked passed and i was like,
hmmm VERY VERY familiar leh.

Fiona & F

Then i think she talked to me and or talked to her
and she told me she's shirley's friend

and i went: "OMG Are you spongebob?!"
She replied:" Lol, Are the theluckiestchick?!"

LOL, OMFG why did i even call her spongebob!
So paiseh! cos everytime i read shir's blog and like during
fiona's birthday and stuff she's so crazy over spongebob!

Anyway, boyf has a brand new set of Samsung Home DVS Threatre system,
and he's selling it off at $350! You can save yourself the GST and stuff!
Email if you're interested!

By the way, check out the latest collection by TheStageWalk,
Totally awesome!

Sayonara, Loves!
Gotta goooo, working at 1.45pm today!
Don't even know why did i wake up at 7plus, so tired!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:


Everyone loves their branded goods at a
more affordable, discounted price don't they?
Everytime there is a sale at any branded store,
you'll see people queuing up and flooooooding the store
just to check out the cheaper goods!

Omg, squeezing with people just to check out branded goods
at a discounted price? That's definitely not my style!

So check out!
Look at some of the past events! Coach, Miu Miu,
argh, i'm so bummed i miss the Miu Miu event!!! Pouts! ):

reebonz missed is a website that offers exclusive online shopping
on premier brands such as Miu Miu, Coach, Marc Jacobs
at discounted prices between 30-80% off the retail price!

It's members only and you have to get an invite to be
part of Reebonz's exclusive community!
Check out their blog for the updates as well!

Some of the upcoming events!
I'm so looking forward to the designer watches event!


reebonz cpmtest is currently holding a contest!
Just tell them what your wish is (has to be below 2k),
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And i'm extending my invitation to all my loyal readers! :D
Click on this URL below and sign up if you wanna
be part of this exclusive community!


wreakdrobe lbanner
One of the coolest blogshop here!


I love it that has everything!
From dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accesories!
And most of their stuff are imported from overseas~

Anyway, since Wreckdrobe's blogshop is now a standalone .com site,
We're suppose to order by filling up the ordering form,
which is know is newer to most of us,
since we're used to simply commenting on livejournal!

Just fill up this form (which is on the bottom of the collection)
and you're ready to go!

Check out now!



Indulgescenes has just launches their latest collection!
With a mix of casual x formal, you'll find something that suits you!

And they even have a promotion where you spend over $20
and you'll be their member automatically!
And you'll be entitled to their "member's price"
which is around 10% discount!
And if you purchase over $50, you'll be given registered mail!

Check out the promotion here:

Some of my picks:

Would be the lace-back dress.
Simple but with a hint of sexiness!

And a White X Gold swirly design tank top that is casual
but yet looks good enough for everyday wear!

Going out with boyf later on,
and meeting shirley on wednesday, soooo excited!
Haven't seen that girl for like soooo long!

Ettusais T-Zone gel

Friday, May 22, 2009

I haven't been blogging about Ettusais products for a quite awhile yah!
I was so excited to try out this product and blog about this!

Went to Plaza Singapura to meet boyf after his school
ended on my off day on monday!
And he made me wait for 45 minutes, humph,
so of course i went SHOPPING!

And i bought lingerie, skincare etc, and i'm blaming it on HIM!!!
If i didnt have to wait for him for so long then i won't spend
$200plus on shopping!

Then we went to Novena Square 2 for dinner at this hotpot restaurant
which i heard from boyf is supposedly veeeeeery goooooood.

Waiting for my foooooooood, we were like totally starving
and they took so loooooooong!

But it was pretty worth the long wait!


Looks good right!
It's really weird, when you're eating halfway,
then the waitress will come and add soup into the
claypot then it becomes like hotpot!
And the soups plus the chicken sauce is sooooo yummy!
Thick thick, sweet sweet, abit spicy~

Lol, we got greedy and ordered another beef hotpot!
told boyf to order the small one
but crazy him ordered the medium one!




Love the soooooooup!
Whoops, oily nose alert!!!!
After eating like hot stuff, my T-Zone got so oooooooily!

There's one ettusais product in my makeup pouch
that would really help right nooooow!


The T-Zone Oil Block Gel!

Since i have oily & sensitive skin all along,
i'm always worried about
whether the product i'm using would clog my pores,
cause me to breakout etc, but with ettusais i never have to worry! :D

Normally i apply this at my T-Zone after my makeup primer,
before my foundation/daytime defence powder,
But you can use it for touch ups on-the-go as well!
How convenient!


It mattifies shiny and oily T-zone instantly!
Lol, my life saver! heheh

It actually helps by preventing excessive sebum secretion
to keeping my skin refreshed, giving your t-zone matte
and smooooooth all day!


Muuuuuuack, i love Ettusais.
Walked pass a mani/pedi shop and went to do my nails!
Boyf played psp while waiting for me!


Pouts, hate my camera, always can't capture details well!
Bloooody flash! Don't like my nails!

they're so small, complicating nail art done on them
then it'll will be very ugly! zZz.
Plus it's so soft and
always breeeeeaking ever since boyf
cursed my nails to keep break!

(Why? : Cos when my nails was long and i always tickle him and
he always complain how painful it is and kept cursing my nails
to break and be short forever! He's the evil witch!)


Anyway check out Ettusais' other fantastic products at! (:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sponsered Advertorial:

Time for one of my favorite blogshop~
They have sponsered me not once, but TWICE!
Do check out their latest collection will is launching tonight!

Look at some of the awesome pieces from their latest collection!


MarchAvenue sponsered me this top!
So preeeeetty! White X Gold = love!

And this metallic zebra dress!

Btw! Fidelis's readers get $2 off any purchases from MarchAvenue!
Do state that you're my reader when you're ordering
to enjoy the discount alrighty!

And March Avenue would be having a booth at the flea market
at Home Club this coming Saturday, 23rd May, 3-10pm!

There would be more exclusive items that are not featured before!
So be sure to drop by and check them out and
meet these lovely ladies behind March Avenue!




prawn fishing, worms, advertorials

Friday, May 15, 2009



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Junejune: Hahaahs, nice right!
I fell in love with it the moment i set my eyes on it!
Got it from gmarket~

Hello: Lol, so i presume you have the perfect face then?

ShuFen: Hahahas, the free facial voucher is GONE
the night i posted it up!

Xh: Aww, thanks dear!

Meiting: Hahahas, omg i must have look hooooorrendous.
Lol. You should've said hi! :D

Shirley: I miss you dear!

Wendi: Thanks sweetie! (:

Passer: Hahahahs, yeah, my face and character don't match as well!
Hahahas, normally when people see me they think i'm like

the kinda unfriendly bitchy kinda girl,
but i'm kinda like the total opposite!

Yuki: Eh, what does hormone type skin mean? Haha

Ettusais fan: Thank you! (:

Reader: I'm using a samsung NV4!

Jane: Lol, yah.
But since when does your face and voice have to match?

Your-Reader: Hahahas, aww, don't worry sweetie,

i won't let little comments like that affect me at all!
I still have sweeties like you! (: I got it from gmarket!

Reader: Haahas, thank you!
I think i confirm look very shagged when you saw me right!
Actually there's really no tips for walking properly in heels?
Hahahs, i guess you just have to get used to it,

and after awhile even a 4.5inch heels is nothing! (:

Linda: Hahahs, omg in the morning?

I must have looked super shaaaaagged andhorrendous!

Jocie: Awww! Thank you sweetie! (:

Girl: You can find Ettusais makeup counters at wisma isetan,

tampines isetan, bugis junction, shaw house etc! (:

Shu Fen: hahahs, you should go get it!
It's really gooooood~ i'm like using it everyday now. hahas

Mel: actually i have 3 full sized blusher brush at home,
and 2 mini kabuki brushes for my makeup pouch for

touch-ups when i'm out and on the go!
I wash the brushes like once a week?

Hahahs, too busy to wash everyday lah,
anyway no need to wash everyday one luh!
later all the brush hair drop off!

Anne: Lol, i'm not even trying to act cutesy my dear~

that is actually like how i sound, very kiddy-ish.
lol, i'm born with a very teh voice. So, nth i can do about it.
Elson: thank you! :D

Passerby: Thanks sweetie! (:

Gloria: Hahahas, no luh! Cos i'm so busy with my new job,
plus, there's so many tags to reeeeeeply! No timeeee!

Xoxo: thanks sweetie! :D

ShirleyG: No choice leeeeeh,
they keep renewing it! hahahahs i miss you! ):
bring me to bkk in your luggage pretty pleeeeease~

Helloooooo people!
I finally have like time to sit down to do a reeeeeal blogpost!
Ever since i started working 3 weeks ago,

everyday has been like so hectic and
i don't even have time for anything anymore! ):

I miss meeting my frieeeeeeeeeeends.
Boyf have been really sweet to come pick me up
at the mrt station near his place everynight after work,
and we'd go grab some food, go back to his place to watch
dvd then home, sleep, and work again!
And the cycle goes on and oooooooooon.

But i think i'm slowly adapting to this life,
afterall this is my 1st real real job,
i was so afraid that i cannot stand working life,
and it'll be so hard with the super long hours and stuff.
since i'm like used to working events, modelling and stuff.

But still, working is soooooo boring!
Wish i can use the internet when i'm working,

then i can blog EVERYDAY at work~!

Lol, i should like, stop ranting ALREADY!

Boyf bought me a rose and surprised me
when he fetched me to work the other day! :D
Pouts! But he killed my poor rose!

Anyway, finaaaaally had time to go get a hair cut last friday!
Finally finally finally finally lor!
My hair has been looking like a stack of haaaaaaay for the longest time!

And you know what?
Clover is celebrating their One Year Anniversay!
Time flies! Have clover really been opened for one year ALREADY?
Didn't even felt that long! Anyway, you must be thinking,
one year one year lor, WHAT IS THE BLOODY BIG DEAL?

Of course it's a big deal!
Because, to celebrate their One Year Anniversary,
Clover is having a 48% off ALL CHEMICAL SERVICES!
Yes, perming, rebonding, colouring, treatments and stuff,
ALL 48% off!

Isn't that such an awesome deal?
Do mention that you're Fidelis's reader/friend & family
and they would prolly give you 10% off if your hair cut as well!

Clover, #03-12 @ Far east plaza.
Do call Clover at 68362748 to make an appointment thou!
Raymond told me ever since this promotion started
they have been SOOOOO busy everyday!

After our hair cut, raymond asked if leon
and i would like to join them to go prawn fishing!

Boyf & Raymond

No falsies!

Omg.. guess guess guess what is she doing!

Clue 1: While she was doing it, i was totaaaaally freaking out!


Clue 2: it's long, eeky and it wrigggggggggglesssss!!!



She like totally open the container and started poking
and grabbing the worms and throwing them on the
mini "table" and started dissecting those
creeeeeepy eeeeeuuuuwwwwky things!

She's damn funny lor!
She's not scared of grabbing and dissecting WORMS,
and she's scared of CATS! OMG.

Omg, you know i uploaded these pictures to flickr,
and after it's uploaded and stuff i went to click "all sizes"
and the HUMONGUS size of this worm picture popped out
and it gave me goosebumps instantly. Daaaaaaaamn.

OMG. i'm like the kind of girl who will "siam" away
when i pass by a shop selling fishes and stuff,
cos they tend to have these, live worms and
dunno what weird ass bugs and stuff right.

Omfg, just imagine my ultra disgusted face when i took this picture.
The dissected worms are like still moving one lor!

The boyf's disgusting hand,
I warned him to not touch me with that hand. Ewwwww.



Raymond and Boyf mysteriously discussing
how they should end the poor prawn's life.

Raymond caught this prawns with these big ass "hands"
It's like bigger than the prawn itself. lol.
Pardon me, but i've no idea what's the term for prawn "hands"!

I was eating this Babystar tidbits thing,
it's something like marmie noodles, but it's just abit different,
and i guess i dropped a few pieces on the table
accidentally when i'm feeding boyf,
(don't want his disgusting worm hand to dig into my babystar LOR!)

Then it caught my eye and it SUDDENLY MOVEDDDD!
And when i looked carefully, hahahahahs, this is what i saw:

A bunch of ants moving my noodle. LOL.
it's so funny, like if you didnt look closely,
you won't even see the ants and
it really looked like a WALKING NOODLE!

Lol, i was very nice to move the tissue paper that was
blocking the walking noodles lor!
I'm a good citizen!

Boyf bought me a pair of gold jelly flats
when he was out running some errands for his sis in australia~!
So sweeeeet! Hehehe, so comfy after wearing heels like everyday!
Miss boyf's sis! she's like super funny one lor.

I wonder if i can bling the flats! :D
Then it'll be super super nice!

Hahahahas, FAIL LION!
Look so pathetic! Hahahahahas, half his mane is like gooone.
You guys should check out when you've got nth to do.
it's full of freaking funny shit!

Shopping shopping shopping online!




Ohhhhhh and and and. not forgetting these blogshops!
Going to work everyday = i need more pretty clothes!
So all thanks to all my lovely sponsers:

Whether you're a sweetie pie or your love your low cut v-neck dress,
you'll be able to find something you like in this blogshop!


I love how Genevieve (the lovely blogshop owner)
always bring in very versatile pieces and every collection
has something that suits everyone!

Love the lace top! :D

toyko pink

Sick of shopping in singapore?
Experience shopping in japan/korea right at the comfort of your home
as ToykoPink imports only good quality, unique pieces.

She's sending me this dress and i love how unique it looks!

You can find dresses/tops/bags for every occasion whether
you're out shopping/catching a movie with your girlfriend
or attending a wedding dinner!

Tokyo pink is offering free postage specially only for my readers!
Just state that you're Fidelis's reader when she sends you the invoice
and you'll get free postage!

Check out Private Closet!
She has just launched her latest collection over the weekend!

Private closet3
For the cutesy sunny girl,

private closet2
to the sexy, saucy girl!

Private closet1

Remember to join their mailing list for their latest updates!

Sneak preview for ShopLifter's latest collection
that would be releasing tmr at 10am!


The latest collection would be full of basics that every girl would need!
Casual pieces for school and a relaxing day out!
I love it that this blogshop has everything from dresses,
accesories to gorgeous platform heels!



Anyway, Quote "Fidelis" when you're ordering
to enjoy a 10% discount on all items!

Sayonara, Loves!
Going out with boyf for dinner after boyf ends school later!